Final conference EMOVE

Monday, January 19, 2015

In the project “Estuaries on the MOVE” (EMOVE), four partners from four different North Sea Region countries work together to provide insight on what we know and need to find out by research or pilots to maintain accessible, flood safe and ecological resilient estuaries and ports. At this moment the Governance vision on adaptive and sustainable management of estuaries is being finalized. This is a vision in which ‘turning stakeholders into shareholders’ and ‘building trust’ are key elements.

The EMOVE project team is pleased to invite you to the EMOVE Final conference on 4 March 2015 in Antwerp.

This conference will be the final event for EMOVE and will offer insights relevant for all policy makers involved in estuarine management. The conference will inspire and feed structured debates and working sessions with policy makers, stakeholder groups and experts.

The conference will include the following themes from EMOVE:

  • Governance Vision on Estuary Management

  • Business ideas following from stakeholder processes in the Weser, Göta and Schelde estuary

  • An Estuary Game as interactive virtual platform for communication on estuary management

  • Interactive discussion and reflection on the results

Time and Venue

The EMOVE Final event will take place at conference centre ‘t Elzenveld in the city centre of Antwerp. Please visit the website for information on accessibility. It is possible to stay overnight at the venue or at a hotel in the area.