COWI is a large international company with a lot of international projects and co-operations including planning, construction, and management. COWI AB is a leading Swedish technical consulting with more than 1000 employees. The focusing is on environment; building and real estate; infrastructure; industry; process and energy; and CAD and IT. The clients are both national and international. With the mission to provide advanced engineering services to private and public stakeholders COWI AB, Sweden, has played an active role in community development in more than 60 years striving for long-term, high quality, environmental responsibility, long -term relationships and business.


Environmental Division – Environment, risk and safety

The division Environment, risk and safety has over 60 employees with expertise skills in several fields such including Ports and waterways and risk management, Water and Nature. The educational background is diverse including biology, ecotoxicology, chemistry, earth sciences, construction, chemical and mechanical engineering, environmental science, risk analysis, legislation and economics. We work closely with our other divisions, and very often we work in teams with colleagues from other national and international COWI divisions.

COWI Sweden has been involved in CPA, SAWA and Dipol. COWI Sweden is involved because of their knowledge and network related to the Göta älv (Göta river) among the rivers mentioned with problems and Gothenburg estuary. In EMOVE COWI Sweden is involved because of their knowledge and network related to the Göta älv (Göta river) and Gothenburg estuary. Gothenburg is situated by the west coast of Sweden and the Göta river flows through the city. Gothenburg is, further, located by the river outlet to the North Sea. The city center thereby is exposed both to occasion with high water flows in the river and by the North Sea. It harbors vehicle manufacturing, local and regional government, and a growing tourist and visitor sector. Gothenburg encompasses dense settlements, several industrial sites, and main transport routes. Major activities that will affect the Gothenburg estuary are currently in progress. There are major infrastructure projects such as the West Link including several tunneling projects and discussions about expending port activities are held. In addition, future climate changes are expected to affect the estuary capacity and increase the demands on drainage and sewerage systems in Gothenburg city and upstream Göta Älv.



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